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My first encounter with the World Book Series was at the age of three months, when the books from the Early World of Learning series were first being read to me. I see the experience as a fundamental stage in life, for through it, I began to understand the power of reading. Poldy was the first character I ever found appealing. In my early years, I looked up to him as a role model, for even though he had his limitations, being a scarecrow, he wasnt’t afraid to scale new heights.

Each book allowed me to dive deeper into Poldy’s world and the stories were so engaging to me then, that I still recall many a night where I would go, “Mama, can you read me another Poldy book, please?”

As I grew older, my attention was drawn to the Childcraft series, which I began to read even before I began Primary School. The series allowed me to sharpen my Math, Art, General Knowledge and Science skills and i still thouroughly enjoy flipping through the books’ pages today!

When I entered GEP, the tougher curriculum had me running to my World Book Encyclopedias for help. The projects I was faced with enabled me to make full use of my encyclopedia set, which had contributed greatly to me in my upper Primary-School years and even now as I am embarking on my journey as a Secondary One student. And I am sure, my World Book Encyclopedia will still be my unsung hero in times of need for decades to come!

Overall, I feel that the series has benefited me greatly and it is definitely an item worth having on every household’s bookshelf.


Mdm Carol Tan – Preschool Teacher

I want to teach our preschoolers a lot but don’t exactly know where to start. When a friend introduced me the World Book and shared with me her experience and the achievement of her two children, I was fully convinced that her success in early teaching for her children may be duplicated and that World Book is very good for family and young children.

Even in the age of the internet, a good set of encyclopedia on a bookshelf adds dignity, depth and quality to a home library, and of all the encyclopedias available on the market, I have always found World Book to be the most readable and comprehensive. As far as reference material goes, I also love the illustrations and pictures, many of which qualify in their own right as impressive works of art. I find that the Childcraft and Encyclopedia is a sheer joy to read and i found it worth the investment. The entries in World Book are written with a nice flow, neither too technical nor too verbose.

In short, I give it a thumbs-up.


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Testimonial of Childcraft

Dear Auntie,

I am writing to introduce the World Book’s Childcraft, a set of 15 books that cover the most common topics that we come across and provide answers to the whys that a kid might have in mind.

Although it does not have influence on the wonderful information within, the attractive cover, given its name, attracts the reader to open the cover. Inside, the information is organized in bits and chunks stored in the most comprehensive way possible, superimposing on the backghound picture.

When i first saw this book, my hands lunged out and grabbed one, and my mind begged like a dog. For me, the most interesting book was The Universe, which was actually a stepping stone to my extra reading on this topic that I long to be taught in Science.

This book is not just about reading. It is about exploring. It is capable of enabling a child to think out of the box. Packed with various experiments marked “Try it!”, it is even graded 1, 2 and 3 so that the reader may be informed of its level of difficulty.

Overall, I think that this book has benefited me a lot during my tender years. It is a first step for young kids.

Best regards,
Catholic High School(Primary)

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