World Book’s Learning Ladder I Exercises

Exercise  1: Under the sea

Exercise  2: Rain Forest Animals

Exercise  3: Weather

Exercise  4: Animal Homes

Exercise  5: On the Move

Exercise  6: Wild Animals

Exercise  7: My Body

Exercise  8: Tough Trucks

Exercise  9: World of Insects

Exercise 10: World of Dinosaurs


World Book’s Childcraft Exercises

Exercise 1: Jack and the Beanstalk / (Answer)

Exercise 2: Art Around Us

Exercise 3: World of Animals

Exercise 4: The World of Plants

Exercise 5: Our Earth

Exercise 6: The Universe (a)/(b)

Exercise 7: How Does it Happen?

Exercise 8: How Things Work

Exercise 9: Shapes and Numbers

Exercise 10: About You

Exercise 11: Who We Are

Exercise 12: See The World