Young Scientist

Introduce your child to the fascinating world of science with World Book’s Young Scientist 10- volume set Allow them to explore science with hands on activities, and ecourage scientific thought and study.

• Colourful photographs and illustrations support the text and focus on environmental and conservation issues such as organic farming, pollution, greenhouse effect and endangered species.
• Each Volume also includes step-by-step, illustrated hands-on activities that will engage students and provide a higher level of understanding.
• A Glossary and Index appear in each volume. In addition, volume 10 includes a Cumulative Index, a Glossary, a Student Guide featuring an inside look at the work of a scientist, an introduction to scientific method, and tips on how to set up a simple lab, how to record observations and how to work safely.

Titles Include:
• Living World/Plants
• Human Body/Conservation
• Animals Without Backbones/Animals With Backbones
• Light and Electricity/Magnetic Power
• Atoms and Molecules/Gases
• Planet Earth/Water
• Space/Technology/Computers
• Energy/Communication
• Construction/Machines
• Student Guide/Index