Welcome to Reading

Give your children the support they need to become successful readers-using the entertaining and child-friendly methods perfected by World Book.

Charming characters and creative activities help develop a youngster’s love for reading. Welcome to Reading includes 48 delightful “little books,” 12 audiotapes, and 240 colorful flashcards to immerse your child into the world of reading.

While whimsical and fun, this program is nonetheless focused on reading development. The kit helps to develop sequenced reading skills, including phonics, comprehension, and vocabulary development.

The program is self-paced and interactive, adjustable for individual student’s needs, and ideal for boosting the reading skills of a youngster who requires some help outside of the classroom. All of this delivered by the learning experts at World Book Encyclopedia.

• 48 Little Books, divided into four levels, with continuing characters that students will enjoy
• 12 audiotapes, by level, with read-aloud text for many of the Little Books
• 256-page illustrated Anthology packed with traditional and contemporary stories and poems
• Activity Booklet Game board with oversized alphabet cubes
• 240 Flashcards corresponding to the four levels, plus alphabet and numbers/counting series
• Parent and teacher handbook