Learning Ladders Set 1

This 10-volume set explains the science behind natural disasters and provides fascinating examples of powerful forces of nature throughout recorded history. In each volume the text and visuals work together to explain the destructive power of nature’s fury and how people can protect themselves against its devastating effects.
Especially created for young learners, this 10-volume resource library presents a wide range of information in concise text, large type, and big, colorful pictures that children will remember.



  •  Resource list in each volume
  •  Fun facts
  •  Puzzle pages
  •  True/false quizzes


Titles Include:

  • Under the Sea
  • Rain Forest Animals
  • Weather
  • Animal Homes
  • On the Move
  • Wild Animals
  • My Body
  • Tough Trucks
  • World of Insects
  • World of Dinosaurs