Early World of Learning

“… the EWOL materials in every home would give every Australian child a head start towards life-long learning.” — Dr Stephen Juan, Ph.D.

A good start in school is vitally important. Early success builds a young child’s confidence and creates a strong foundation for later learning. With Early World of Learning, this “good start” can begin at home. Developed from a pre-school teacher survey, Early World of Learning has identified 10 skill groups essential for pre-school devepment, namely:

  • Visual
  • Listening
  • Language and Reading
  • Manipulative
  • Self-help and Social and Emotional Development
  • Early Mathematical Concepts
  • Time
  • Position and Direction
  • Texture
  • Colour

The programme features a central character, Poldy the lovable scarecrow. Children will identify with Poldy in all the various activities of the programme and share in his many adventures.

• A comprehensive Guide that includes suggestions on how to help teachers or parents utilise this product to its full potential.
• 15 story books introduce skills and concepts in key readiness areas.  Stories are set in twelve different countries, helping children explore diverse cultures as they are introduced to basic concepts.
• 2CDs and Sing with Poldy Songbook accompany the programme story books, which provide special attention to listening and auditory discrimination.
• Flipbook helps build readiness maths skills.
• 3 Posters reinforce concepts in all basic programme areas.
• 40 Picture Pairs showing 20 different objects, reinforce concepts in all basic programme areas.
• Alphabet Tray encourages letter recognition.
• Boardbook encourages learning activities and creative play.
• Activity Books, Games and Puzzles help develop number, colour, and shape recognition.
• Colour Wheel encourages children to create colours.
• Word Book helps students recognise familiar words and develop new vocabulary.
• Watch Me Grow chart provides experience in measuring and the opportunity to talk about measuring.