Animals of the World

If your child has an insatiable curiosity for animals, you can’t go wrong with this brand new series developed exactly with kids in mind.

World Book has long known that kids adore animals. Year after year our most popular articles have been ones on the animal world. Little did we know how popular these new books on animals would be with our young readers. Animals of the World focus on animals that arouse a child’s curiosity: kangaroos, owls, rattlesnakes, and ants, just to name a few. These books provide a wealth of verbal and visual information about the animals. It’s the combination of text and illustrations that make these books work.

Each volume focuses on a group of animals with something in common. Animals that are familiar to the children are presented first; followed by more exotic creatures they may have never seen before. Kids are fascinated.

Trust us. Trust World Book. These are books your kids will love.


Set 1 titles:
Ants and Other Social Insects
Fur Seals and Other Pinnipeds
Hammerheads and Other Sharks
Hedgehogs and Other Insectivores
Howlers and Other New World Monkeys
Kangaroos and Other Marsupials
Ladybugs and Other Beetles
Owls and Other Birds of Prey
Rattlers and Other Snakes
Wolves and Other Wild Dogs
Set 2 titles:
Alligators and Other Crocodilians
Cardinals and Other Song Birds
Cottontails and Their Relatives
Giraffes and Other Hoofed Mammals
Grasshoppers and Their Relatives
Grizzlies and Other Bears
Jellyfish and Other Stingers
Killer Whales and Other Toothed Whales
Spiders and Other Arachnids
Swans and Other Swimming Birds
Set 3 titles:
Baboons and Other Old World Monkeys
Beavers and Other Rodents
Lions and Other Wild Cats
Penguins and Other Flightless Birds
Raccoons and Their Relatives
Salmon and Other Bony Fish
Sea Stars and Other Echinoderms
Sea Turtles and Other Shelled Reptiles
Snails and Other Mollusks
Stink Bugs and Other True Bugs
Set 4 titles:
Badgers and Other Mustelids
Blue Whales and Other Baleen Whales
Flying Foxes and Other Bats
Frogs and Other Amphibians
Gorillas and Other Apes
Iguanas and Other Lizards
Lobsters and Other Crustaceans
Monarchs and Other Butterflies
Quail and Other Galliforms
Storks and Other Large Wading Birds

Set 5 titles:
Arabians and Other Horses
Box Turtles and Other Pond
and Marsh Turtles
Cockatiels and Other Parrots
Golden Retrievers and Other
Sporting Dogs
Goldfish and Other Carp
Holland Lops and Other Rabbits
Pinktoes and Other Tarantulas
Purple Pinchers and Other
Hermit Crabs
Siamese and Other
Short-haired Cats
Silkies and Other Guinea Pigs

Awards & Reviews:

Distinguished Achievement Award — Association of Educational Publishers

Golden Lamp Award — Association of Educational Publishers

Teacher’s Choice Award — Teacher’s Choice, Learning

“An excellent addition to any elementary library. Highly recommended.” Library Talk

“Clear, to-the-point text answers such questions as whether hedgehogs spit on themselves, why shrews are always eating, and what moles like to eat.” Booklist

“Designed for grades 1-6, The World Book Animals is an outstanding series. An invaluable acquisition.” Children’s Bookwatch

“This set combines colorful pictures with easy-to-understand text. The text is arranged in question-and-answer format, which will appeal to young children.” American Reference Books